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Known for its already-low prices, Aldi prides itself on not needing to offer coupons. When you return the cart, you get your quarter back — and Aldi saves on needing to pay a cart attendant. The store also charges 10 cents for each paper bag you use at the store, so bring your own if you want to avoid the charge. Plus, staff is minimal, so you are responsible for bagging your own groceries. Aldi doesn't just excel at knockoffs of U. Aldi also carves a niche with imported German products you won't find at your American supermarket chains.

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We previously noted the German chocolates, beer and bread marketed under Aldi's proprietary Deutsche Kuche label. Don't overlook the flavored spaetzles, German-style pickles, apple strudel and unique snacks that waver off the dreary chips and pretzels route.

The fun part of finding these products is the discovery. Unlike most U. You'll find them scattered throughout the store, from the bakery to the freezer cases. You won't find a full-service deli in Aldi stores, which are self-serve. But you will find Aldi's new Park Street Deli line of packaged, refrigerated products.

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If you're looking at straight-up everyday prices on cereal, Aldi's private-label Millville cereal is hard to beat. Most grocers run frequent sales on cereal.

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Plus, cereal manufacturers are generous with their percent-off and dollar-amount-off coupons. Check coupon websites or sign up with manufacturers on social media. Of course Aldi wants to corner the market on soda. It's a huge, profitable sector of the supermarket business, and Aldi is skilled at mimicking brand lines and labels.

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Aldi even carries a wide lineup of Coca-Cola products at reasonable prices. But proceed with caution in this area of the store: the knockoffs aren't great tasting. And if you're leaning toward the brand-name Coke products, you'll likely do better, especially in the warmer months, at conventional supermarkets.

Soda is heavily discounted and manufacturer coupons are typically flush in the summer.

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  8. Buying deodorant at Aldi didn't pass our sniff test. Selection was thin, and, going against the grain of the Aldi model, there were only national brands available. And you can often score a better price on those national brands at a drugstore by combining manufacturers' coupons with loyalty deals think: CVS's ExtraCare program or Walgreens' Balance Rewards program, both free to join.

    Say no to store-brand napkins and paper towels from Aldi, says Livesey. Paper products from Aldi's Boulder line can feel flimsier than national brands, and sales and coupons can make national brands including Bounty competitive in price. Even without a sale, we found comparable rolls of paper towels selling for the same price at Target and Aldi.

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    Don't get yourself in a lather over buying shampoo at Aldi. Like deodorant, selection is limited to a few national brands. You could do better with sales and coupons at your local drugstore. Alternatively, pick up shampoo in bulk for less at big-box retailers including Target and Walmart, or at a warehouse club such as Costco or BJ's.

    Our savings experts are on the fence about buying meats at Aldi. Unlike Trader Joe's, which never puts items on sale, Aldi does offer weekly specials on select products.

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    Fobes agrees: "Aldi is great when you need chicken and it is not on sale at your local store," she says. When it comes to produce, we'll admit that Aldi has made progress. Not long ago, fruits and vegetables were sold unrefrigerated straight from the boxes they were shipped in. No problem, it's free! Toggle navigation Menu. Download our free app now! Home Aldi. Weekly Deals Filters Filter. Store: Aldi Extreme Couponing. Published Jun 20, Store: Aldi Toy. Published Jun 22, Store: Aldi. Published Jun 21, Published Jun 19,